Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Statewide Governor's Board and some cool websites

Happy Tuesday,

I have some cool stuff to share with you. I found some great websites that will definitely keep you interested and engaged in the Seattle community and upcoming events.

One is:
http://www.seattleactivism.org/ This website definitely has a political bent but it provides lots of great information about events in Seattle. SeattleActivism.org provides information on upcoming events, actions, and meetings as well as links to organizations and resources in the Seattle area related to progressive activist issues.

Two is:
http://www.seattleraceconference.org/ This is a local conference that focuses on race and social justice issues locally in Seattle. They are currently l0oking for folks to sit on the planning committee for the conference but even if you don't have time to plan, you should definitely attend. If you would like to join the Planning Committee or to be added to their outreach list to receive planning updates please email Brenda Anibarro at or call (206) 684-4514.

Third is:
https://www.countywidecommunityforums.com/ This website is for all persons who live or work in King County (in Washington State) who wish to volunteer and register as official Citizen Councilors. Registered Citizen Councilors agree to meet informally, in small groups, a few times each year, to consider important issues, to listen to the opinions of other Citizen Councilors, and to provide their anonymous opinions on issues back to the auditor, county Council members, and the general public. This is an important opportunity for local people to communicate with the county and I have heard it is quite fun!

Fourth is:
http://www.bluegoosenews.com/ This website is an online philanthropy website that is just getting started but is trying to engage young professionals withopportunities to do philanthropy in an accessible way. They are looking for feedback so check them out.
A last opportunity worth checking out is the Governor of Washington has multiple committees that she looks for people to sit on. They are currently recruiting for several boards including the Affirmative Action Policy Committee. Check it out!

The Governor's Affirmative Action Policy Committee (GAAPCom) is in the process of recruiting individuals for recommendation to the Governor for committee appointments. The GAAPCom advises the Governor, state agencies, and higher education institutions on policies and practices that affect the state work force in the areas of affirmative action and diversity. The committee consists of representatives from groups such as: African-American, Asian or Pacific Islander, American Indian or Alaskan Native, Hispanic/Latino, Women, Persons with disabilities, Disabled Veterans, Vietnam-Era Veterans, and Persons over the age of 40. To be considered for membership on the Committee, the successful candidate should have competencies in the areas of Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity, and/or Diversity as it relates to Outreach, Recruitment, Retention, or Training and Development. The 15 committee members serve three year terms. Candidates must be able to commit to a minimum of five meetings a year and be active on one or more subcommittees of the full Committee. Members are expected to locally represent the GAAPCom through active involvement with groups protected by affirmative action and other diverse communities. Appointed members from community based or private organizations will be reimbursed for travel costs to attend meetings. All committee members serve as non-paid volunteers. We would like to recommend to the Governor a list of qualified candidates by September 15, 2008. Please share this opportunity within your networks. If interested, please go to the following link to download an application. Applications can be completed and submitted on line at: http://www.governor.wa.gov/boards/application/application.pdf For more information or to receive an application in large print or Braille, please call or email La'Tonja Hunter at (360) 664-6228 or latonjah@dop.wa.gov.

Enjoy the day :)

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