Monday, February 23, 2009

opportunity for local community engagement

Hey folks,

Here is a great way for you to get involved in local community engagement!

King County Community Forums Seeking Participants!Feb 21st to March 22nd!

In King County, Countywide Community Forums are a network of small group meetings where people throughout the county can discuss current issues and provide feedback to King County officials.Two to four times a year, registered Citizen Councilors meet in homes, libraries and other locations to learn more about an issue that matters to them, discuss it with the group and complete a detailed survey on their views.The next round of forums will be held in February on the topic:“Citizen Priorities for County Government: Budget and Strategic Options.”Where and when are the forums?Forums are organized by fellow Citizen Councilors at homes, workplace or libraries 2-4 times a year during a one-month participation window set by the Auditor.

When notified of an upcoming round of forums, you will be able to select the time and place that works best for you on the Countywide Community Forums'

If you prefer, the Volunteer Coordinators will help you choose the most convenient forum over the phone; just call (206) 296-1633 for assistance.Do you want to get more involved?If you would like to be more involved in Countywide Community Forums, you can volunteer to be a Community Forums Host/Convener. Conveners find a convenient meeting place and conduct a forum session.

You can host your own meeting or become a guest at someone else’s meeting. “Please register as an official, volunteer, Citizen Councilor, or contact us to let us know that you are interested.There are also opportunities to get involved as an outreach volunteer. Outreach volunteers help spread the word about the community forums to their community or organization. In particular, we are looking for outreach volunteers in South King County.Contact us by email, or by calling (206) 296-1633.What to expect at a forum?At each forum meeting, 4-12 participants:* Watch a short video and/or review a brief written summary of the key facts and different perspectives on the issue under discussion.* Take two minutes each to state their views on the topic, uninterrupted by other members of the group.* Participate in an open group discussion.* Complete an “Opinionnaire®”: a confidential survey tool that asks specific questions about the current topic and the forums process.

Please go to to register!

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