Friday, November 21, 2008

Feedback time

Hey all, Here is an opportunity to provide feedback for the state government about any ideas on how to cut back on the budget. Gregoire announced yesterday that the state is millions of dollars over budget and will have to cut. Please take this opportunity to be civically engaged and provide feedback :)

Dear Friends:

Gov. Gregoire has asked her staff to begin discussions with key agencies, local governments, community leaders, and the public at large prior to the development of her budget and legislative agenda. Just like Washington families, state government is facing serious economic challenges. And in tough times creative ideas are needed.

Please take a look at these three questions and contact me via phone or email if you have ideas or suggestions.
· How can state government provide services more efficiently and cost-effectively?
· What current state government functions and programs might be better handled in the private sector or the nonprofit arena?
· How can state government help stimulate Washington's economy?
Finally, Gov. Gregoire has launched a website seeking direct citizen input on her budget:
Please use the website above, email reply to this message, and the phone to share your ideas. My phone number is below.
I will forward your emails or phoned-in comments immediately to the Governor’s Office.
Thank you for your time and thoughts on how to address these tough issues.
Best regards, ROZ

Rosalund Jenkins, Executive Director
Washington State Commission on African American Affairs
210 11th Ave. SW, Suite 301A, Olympia, WA 98502
Voice 360-725-5663
Fax 360-586-0622

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